Plump Two Strand Twist Hairstyle

Monday, December 9, 2013

For as long as I have worn two strand twists, I've been on a quest to have plump two strand twist hairstyles on my fine hair strands.  I've tried the Q-Redew and love the results on my loose hair, but I don't get the umph I'm looking for when I use it on my twists - which brings me to a few weekends ago.

 My hubby and I went on a date and it was raining like crazy!  My hair got soaked, but because it was in twists, my hair still looked OK and even if it didn't, it surely wasn't going to ruin our night.  Between keeping up with 2 teenagers and a 2 year old, we both needed a break!

My hair was so wet.  I'm glad my hair drank the rain water instead of sitting at dinner with water dripping in my food!

Once we got home my hair was dry.  I looked in the mirror at my hair and was shocked at how full it was.  It was late and I remember saying,  "man, if only I could get my hair to look like this everyday!"

The next morning, I thought about what I had done to my hair prior to going out, how the rain wet my hair and how full, soft and the real kicker, how moisturized my hair still was once we got home.  Usually when you get rained on, you're lucky if you have any moisture let alone a cute style when it's all said and done. So I decided to give this try:
  1. First I place a nice amount of my oil mix to my hair.  I divided it into four sections and focused on one section at a time.
  2. Next I styled my hair exactly how I did in the above picture.  It was a really simple style.  I held my head down, did a french twist to the back section and stopped at the top of my head.  I then used 2 bobby pins to secure my hair leaving the front section out.
  3. I then took the remaining hair that was left out and swooped it over to the side and secured with bobby pins leaving the pieces that  fell out, so the style didn't look so refined and more on the effortless side.
  4. Last, I misted my hair with a nice amount of water (not soaking wet though!) and watched my twists plump up just as they had the night before.

If you too suffer from limp twist and want to fake the look of fuller ones, mist your hair with water before or after styling and watch the difference this makes!

What do you do to make your two-stand twists look fuller or am I the only one with this issue??

Nia B


  1. Love it! This is the reason why I sometimes do my 2-strand twists on wet hair. It's a plumper (though shorter) look.

    Love that sweater, too BTW.

    1. Thanks :-)
      Now here's the weird thing about the twists. I'm not fond of my hair when I do the twists on wet hair and it comes out completely different when I twist on stretched hair and then mist with water. Go figure!

  2. Revelations are fun! If you haven't tried this tip, try twisting looser with bigger chunks of hair on wet or dry hair (just like when we were kids). I've been doing this method for the last 16-17 yrs and it works every time. By the way, do you use hair butter, coconut oil, pomade or an alcohol free gel on your twists? Ha, it's so many options now. +Michi

    1. Thanks for the tip and funny you mention the loose chunkier twists. I discovered this on my daughter's hair and tried it on mine's about a month ago and it does make a huge difference! I use a mix of coconut, olive and castor oil on my twists with a wee bit of 99% organic aloe vera gel. Keep the tips and sharing coming! xo

    2. Of course, mama! Happy Holidays. xoxo

  3. This is great! I feel like I need a little help here. My 11 yo is always twisted, untwisted or up in a bun/puff. Her hair tends to not keep its luster even after sleeping in a satin cap. I twist her hair wet too. Any tips?

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