Ghee Pre-Poo for Hair

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I have a few Indian Cuisine cookbooks that have awesome recipes for making Ghee from scratch.  In case you're wondering what exactly is Ghee, it's basically clarified butter and the process of clarifying involves boiling the butter and removing the residue.  Once the residue has been removed, the Ghee is left to cool and doesn't require refrigeration.  So how exactly did I decide to use Ghee to pre-poo my hair?

Back in 2008 when I cut my locs off and started wearing my natural hair in its loose state, I tried every product on the market at that time.  One that was a constant staple for me was Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee.  Fast forward to 2013 as I've moved on to other products and my reading about Ghee Indian Cuisine recipes, I instantly made a connection to the Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee. So I went off to do a bunch of research and find out what the benefits were for using straight Ghee on my hair.  I've used the Ghee for almost 2 months and here's what I have to share:

My Experience

1. Ghee contains rich, healthy, unrefined fats that nourish the hair.  My hair was very soft and detangled after pre-pooing overnight and the Ghee certainly did help to replenish and hydrate my hair.
2. I know my hair and understand there are no short cuts for detangling it, but my detangling session was much easier which definitely reduced the time I spent on this process.  Because my hair was so soft and moisturized after the overnight treatment, my hair strands didn't cling to one another; they separated on their own without a whole lot of work from me.

What I Did

1. I sectioned my dry hair in 4 parts and added about a golf ball size (or a little less) to each section.
2. I made sure to smooth the Ghee into each section.
3. Next I braided each section, applied a plastic cap and left the treatment on overnight.
4. The next day, I detangled each section, retwisted the sections back up and proceeded to cleanse and condition my hair.

This is after I took the plastic cap off, unbraided my hair and was about the start detangling

Tips and Takeaways

1. When I started to detangle the first half of my head, I noticed as the sections dried (they will be a bit moist due to the plastic cap) they were not as easy to detangle.  So I put the plastic cap back on and only pulled out the section I was working on.
2. When purchasing Ghee you want to make sure it's organic and made from milk - not vegetable oil as it will not contain the rich fats that nourish your hair.
3. Now, when you first open the Ghee (at least the brand I used), it smells so sweet and nice.  Almost like cake batter, but let me tell you, once you add it to your hair, within a few minutes you will begin to smell something that is a bit off; a pseudo putrid scent.  I can't even describe it!  At best I can say it "stank!" lol.  It's one of those things that if you get reeeeall close, you're like "what in the entire world is that!" so don't say I didn't warn you - lol.
4. Don't let #3 keep you away from this hair treat, seriously!  When you shampoo your hair, the scent is gone and the benefits to me, will greatly outweigh your stinky self (lol).

Stinky girl!

Welp, that's all the Ghee talk I have.  What do you think?  Would you try this on your hair?  Have you ever used a product that had an off-putting smell, but worked?   One that instantly comes to my mind besides the Ghee is  Aphogee...-P-to-the-U!

Nia B


  1. Tonia, you just took me back with Aphogee! P to the U is right! The Ghee Pre-Poo treatment sounds interesting. Good healthy hair nuggets! +MC

    1. Michi, all I can think of with the Aphogee is nature best lawn fertilizer graciously supplied by all the more than willing cows. :)

  2. I made the mistake of using ghee as a final deep conditioner...never again! I love what ghee does for my hair though, definitely eliminates tangles but ghee is definitely best used as a pre poo treatment lol.. I learned that the hard way!

  3. I just got put on Ethiopians used niter kibbeh same as ghee just butter w spices may help w the smell, I smell like a cow..and I gather that smells better but I tried ghee my scalp felt like the drought was over it was great. will be using this.

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