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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My girl Christie of Living Simplistically Blog (you all remember her from here) tagged me on Instagram for 20 Things About me.  I thought it would be cool to post my list here too.
  Getting Personal

 I had a hard time writing 20 things about myself because I was like "When and how am I going to sit down and do this?!" Life for me these days has been very busy and some days, I just want to sit and stare at a wall and shut everything and everyone out.  I also had a hard time just narrowing my list down to 20 things, but somehow I did.  I like reading about the human side of people.  Sometimes all we see is the "surface stuff" people choose to share, but every now and then it's cool to see the true person.  So, as much as I like seeing other sides of people, I hope you all enjoy reading a few personal things about me:

  1. I don't like my life or things/people in my life to be overly complicated. For the most part, I like things really simple; it reduces stress.
  2. When I really like something, I tend to hoard collect several more items just like it or similar. 
  3. I love spending time with my family and to me, is the best way to spend my free time.
  4. I will rarely complete tasks early.  I will most often get things done right on time.  
  5. Up until I was 14 years old, I used to play the piano for my church's youth choir.
  6. I went to a performing arts school (piano, violin and other stringed instruments) in 6th grade until  my family moved out of state.
  7. Speaking of moving out of state, I started annoying my old friends (on purpose) by over using Valley Girl talk when we spoke on the phone.  Every other sentence was flooded with "As IF!" or "Gag me with a spoon!"  My new suburban friends and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! lol
Necklaces are just 1 of many things I like to collect.  When I first cut my locs off, I collect barrettes and headbands.
     8.  I'm an only child.
     9.  I never wanted a sibling outside of my stepbrothers because my cousins and friends were always                around, that most days I didn't even feel like an only child.
    10. I went to Florida A&M University for 2 years (go Rattlers!) and then came home to complete                      undergrad and graduate school.
   11. I will use up paper towels like nobody's business.  So much so, I have to stop myself from ripping off a          new one whenever they're around!
    12. I've always loved hair products and was the "go-to" girl for products when I was in cosmetology              school and still am.
    13. When I was 7, I mixed ammonia, windex and a bunch of other products together and gave my doll a            Jheri Curl.  I dipped her head in the bucket of chemicals and rolled her hair on my barrettes.
    14. I enjoy being around genuine people who are OK with themselves and know how to respect others.
    15. I am very outspoken and do not do well with rude and disrespectful people.  They will get read - with          a little bit of tact of course. ;-) 

   16. My kids think - or at least should think I'm crazy ,because I'm such a snoop and will catch them doing            85% of the stuff they didn't want me know about. #CIAmomma
   17. I love to do so many things that I find it sometimes hard to narrow down the one thing I'd like to do.
  18. I like to write, but not when it seems like a chore.
  19.  I love New Edition and when they came to Chicago some years back, I screamed like a 13 year old             girl during their concert.
   20. I'm very quirky and I love to laugh, and make others laugh too!

   *BONUS*  I will never adjust who I am to make someone else accept me.  Years ago I did, and it made me very unhappy.  Always be who God made you to be.

"Those that mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Bernard Baruch

I'd like to get to know you all too!  Tell me a random tidbit about yourself. 

Nia B

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