Thrifting Tip and Following My Own Advice

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back in this post, I provided you with tips on how to thrift.   Well,  I failed to follow my own advice for one very important tip I I always mention when chatting with others.

When I saw the black specs gleaming and glistening from the rack, I ran over to it and dared anybody to get in my way (that included my 2 year old who was screaming "mommie WAAAIT" a few inches behind me).  I snatched the sequin blazer off the rack, tried it on and fell in love.

 I've been looking for a blazer exactly like this one for months, so no doubt, I hit the thrift hunt jackpot.

 In my normal thrift bragging right mode, I took a few pics of my jacket, got ready to post them in a thrifting group I follow and low-and-behold I saw the ultimate photobomb!  An old school sensor hanging off the flippin' sleeve!  Now since this item is thrifted, there was no such thing as taking it back and having the sensor removed.

 How could I have been so careless!  How did I let this happen?!  Welp, thrift greed and desire will do that to you from time to time...oh well, what can ya do but move on?  Lucky for me, I'm an expert old school sensor remover, so I put my skills to work.  After a few tugs and yanks - trying not to rip a hole in the sleeve, the sensor was off and I was all good!

Slight disclaimer here.  I did lose about 25 sequin discs and some other unidentifiable parts, but um, if you're looking that hard at my sleeve, you seriously need help- lol.

So, the one extra important tip you should never forget about no matter how fabulous the thrifted/vintage item is:

  1. ALWAYS check for damaged material (seams included), holes and sensors.

Have you purchased something all to get home and find out it's damaged, the clerk forgot to take the sensor off etc?  Do you take it back if you can? If not, what do you do?

Nia B


  1. I've been guilty of not checking for damage before buying, only to get home and find a stain or tear. I totally feel your pain... but at least you were able to get your sensor out without issue! (And I'm totally jealous of that jacket, I've been wanting one like it for ages now too!)

    1. See I knew someone would relate. How could I not snag it; sensor and all!

  2. beautiful blazer! i can never find any decent sequined blazers at my thrift store. i too have been guilty of not checking for damage. i found a beautiful top for $1. at quick glance, it looked perfectly fine, but when i got it home and tried it on, discovered a rip that couldn't be repaired. so mad, lol

    Niki @ Cheapalicious

  3. Ummm - Score! Win! Fressssh! Yes, we quality vintage and thrift hunters do get a bit excited when "that piece" appears before our eyes. Cracking up about daring anyone to get in your way, including your 2 year old cutie-patootie. She'll understand when she gets older, lol!

    1. Way too excited! Gotta slow down and baby girl will totally be able to relate ;-)


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