3 Reason I Decided to Trim My Hair

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I was beginning to feel torn between my hair goal and how I wanted my hair to 'look' when I wore it out.  The two were just not lining up.  I can't say I thought about it much, but Saturday before last,  I woke up, and decided I was going to trim my hair.  I didn't give myself any time to talk myself out of my decision.  I didn't even call my mother or best friend to ask their opinion.  I just did it.

Years ago, my mother used to talk about a lady she knew who's hair was long, but stringy.  My mom would say "she thinks her hair looks good...she needs to cut it off!  I'd look so much better than all that stringy 'mess' she's got going on."  I was beginning to feel like that lady with the stringy hair.

The majority of this came from the crown of my head so I could create the layers

I wore my hair out the week prior and it took me 30 minutes just to style my hair, because the shape just wasn't there.  I kept pattin' and pushin' my hair into how I wanted it to look, but never got it completely right.

The left pic is right after my trim. The right is prior to.  I sent both pics to my friend and she said she liked them both.  Me too, but the trim and shape was what I was going for; I like my hair more on the fuller side.

I came to the conclusion, my hair length goal was standing in my way, but then again, I made the goal and can adjust or modify it as need be.  I not only want my hair to grow longer, I want it to look good in the process!  What's the use of having my hair grow if I'm not satisfied with it's progress during the journey?!  I've wanted shorter layers for a while and was going to wait until I reached my desired hair length before doing so.  Now, I can enjoy my layers as they grow out.

Maybe you're wondering if you should trim/shape your hair up and here are the 3 reasons why I decided to trim mine.

A few days after my trim.
1. I wasn't feeling how my hair looked when it was down nor was I enjoying how my hair was looking as it was growing.
2. Most of my length was from the crown of my head.  I wanted most of the length to be closer to the middle of my head and nape.
3. I wasn't listening to my hair and what it needed  - which was a good trim.   I was just nickeling-and-diming on the trims I was giving myself

This was last night right after I applied conditioner.  My ends haven't look this good since I don't know when!

When my daughter and I were chatting with my mom on Tango (same concept as Skype), I showed her my hair and she said it was nice, but looked shorter.  I went into panic mode.  I knew I had to make some parts shorter to achieve the look I wanted, but I didn't want my length to be that drastic!  I got over it.  Who cares.  I like the way it looks and  basically no one who knew me noticed the shortness (I think my mom was hatin' (just kidding mom!)).  I asked my sons and husband what was different about my hair and the only thing all 3 of them said was it looked way fuller.  Bingo baby!
  Oh and ever since I shaped up my hair and have been wearing it out, everywhere I've gone, one or more people have commented or stopped me.  I knew I made the right decision.  Glad they saw it too.

What do you think of my hair trim? What are your thoughts on trimming your hair?

Nia B


  1. I love the new shape! It's very becoming.


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